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Until recently:

Until recently. Copyright (c) 2000 Frank Gruendel

As of today:

As of today. Copyright (c) 2000 Frank Gruendel

You know this thing, don´t you? And chances are that you have learned to hate it. I myself certainly have. With this stupid clock I´m absolutely unable to set the time  within any reasonable amount of - exactly - time! And as the purpose of a time set application is setting the time, not wasting it, BetterSetter has been created some time ago.
Although BetterSetter will run on all Newton and eMate models there are, it only makes sense for MessagePads with an operating system older than version 2.0 because the analog clock was replaced in OS 2.x by a clock that can be set similar to BetterSetter -- without having to fiddle around with the analog hands of the OS 1.x clock.
(PC, 6 kB)

(Mac, 6 kB)

(Newton, 17 kB)

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