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No, this is not where you can cry for help. For that, please send me an e-mail. This is a cry for help from the webmaster...

Unfortunately, getting decent service information for Apple Newton MessagePads or eMates seems to be impossible.
I do have most of the worthless stuff Apple used to publish in pdf format, but other than Apple’s replacement part numbers ( for parts that that have been unavailable for quite some time) all you can learn from this documentation is how to take the Newton apart, which I can do blindfolded.
If you know where to get circuit diagrams or extended service information for Newtons and eMates, regardless of the model, I would be thankful if you could
let me know.
If the documentation is useful and available and I do not yet have it, I will very gladly pay for it, and a dozen bars of the finest German chocolate I can get my hands on will be on their way to you as soon as I have it.
I am also interested in dead Newtons and eMates that I can use for parts or as guinea pigs for my ongoing quest for discovering the cause of frequent defects.
There used to be special PCMCIA cards that were used by Apple´s service centers for checking the Newton hardware. I am very interested in one of these, too.

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