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DotClock. Copyright 2001 Frank Gruendel (PC, 56 kB)
DotClock1.0.sit (Mac, 57 kB)

What is DotClock?
DotClock is, quite surprising considering the name, a clock application. It is, however, unlike any other clock you probably know.
You have to be able to both count and do some basic mathematics in order to read the time. But don’t worry, after some practice most people are able to read DotClock nearly as fast as a “normal” clock.

How much is DotClock?
As I own piles upon piles of money already, my main concern these days is finding additional storage space for all my banknotes. This is why DotClock is and will always remain freeware, a gift to the Newton community.

On which Newtons will DotClock run?
DotClock will run on every Newton or eMate model there is, from the Original MessagePad (OMP) to the Newton 2100.

Can I configure DotClock individually?
Sure! Please see DotClock’s
detailed description page for... well... what else... a detailed description. Because of the number and size of the images, this page may take some time to load.

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